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The Reaper Backstory

  • “We could not keep all 800 of them at bay. How foolish we were, to believe that prayer and doors were all that could hold them back. Terrors from the darkest corners of the stars, seemingly seeking to sate an unending hunger. Neither mercy nor parley are theirs to grant. They come to reap what has been sown, and we are their harvest!”

Discord Community

75 Reapers will be used for auctions, giveaways, invites, and contest for the community Internal Discord Marketplace Secondary Marketplace tracker to keep the community informed.

Charity Donations

10% of all profit will be donated to different charities throughout the year Exclusive charity auction collections Community will choose donations recipients through discord polls.

Early Supporters – ACES

Held an OG reaper or unicorn

  • Whitelist Spot Automatically
  • Qualify for Presale
  • Discord Role
  • 10% on all future mints


Holds 5 reapers + OG reaper

  • Unique mints through raffle
  • Discord Role
  • 20% discount on all future mints
  • Access to collaborations and poll not available to the public
  • 30 Max members
  • First to be eligible to purchase and mint


Purchased VIP reapers before – holds 3 reapers

  • Special VIP Giveaways
  • Discord Role
  • 15% VIP Discount on all future mints
  • Unique mints and wins through raffle